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Digital Marketing

Putting your business in front of your targeted audiences

Having a great website does not determine your online success!! I bet you did not see that coming? But it is true. Imagine a world where there are billions of people, now imagine simply because you are good looking means everyone knows you. Wouldn’t that be a fantasy? Same thing goes for the digital world. Simply because your website looks great does not guarantee you an online success. As a matter of fact, focusing too much on the fancy side of a web development can hurt your visibility. The fact that most of the CSS codes, images and media designs that will be deployed on your website to gain the beauty you are looking for may affect Google bot crawler. The true success of your online business is defined by your digital strategies.


Your online success primarily depends on the following platform


Your number one strategy for growing your start up business online should be SEO. As cliche as that may sound, you have a higher chance succeeding online by ranking organically than using any other digital outlets. Almost all other marketing media would stop immediately your funds run out, however, organic ranking will remain right there for you long after you stop paying your search engine optimiser. Most business owners’ knowledge of SEO is simply to rank on the first page of Google. The fact is organic ranking goes way more than that. Ranking high on search engine can help you build a trustworthy and reputable brand name. By implementing schema on your website, you could be telling your targeted audiences how great your customer service is and how high past and on going clients enjoy doing business with you.




Google paid ads, also knows as Google ads is the fastest way of getting your business right in front of your targeted audiences. It is also the most expensive way of getting your business there. With Google adWords campaign, you most definitely need a highly experienced, and hard working adWords manager to keep you from running into loss. The reason being that paid campaign could sometimes involve lots of wasted clicks that will cost your Google adWords campaign budget to suffer tremendous loss if it is not properly managed. Managers must know how to set up the campaign in such a way that conversions will be adequately accountable. Also, negative keywords need to be very well removed from your ads display to ensure that people looking for products or services that are not related to yours don’t get to click on your ads.


Keeping in touch with your customers, and prospects is a great way to create strong brand awareness. The Google remarketing ads campaign help put your brand name right in the medullar of your audiences. Also, it give your brand name a strong presence and establishes it as superior to your competitors.

Having a great strategy around your Google remarketing ads can increase your return on investment (ROI) significantly. By collecting your analytics data, and analysing them to mine prospective customers based on nearest location and preferences. Your Google remarketing campaign stand a high chance of keeping your old customers coming back for more and reminding your prospect that you are in business and ready for transactions.

The best case where remarketing campaign has proven to be highly effective is when you sale goods online as oppose to services. In the case where by your website is experience high abandon rate of products in shopping carts. Your Google remarketing would serve as a very good reminder to those who had left those products in cart to continue and finish buy their products. Lots of great things about this channels.


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